How to get social media influncer?


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The first easy way is to contact a platform that promotes Social Media Influencers like tiktok ads agency . I know that tiktok is one of the most famous platforms right now, so it's obvious it has millions of followers. They can create TikTok Ads for your target audience or promote your business via Influencers. The second easy way is to go on Youtube, for example, search the Top Youtubers and contact them directly. Most of them have email addresses in the description box of their videos. I think you will find an influencer who will promote your business, but I don't think it will be cheap.


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Start by following the influencer and engaging with them with your business’s account(s). If you show genuine interest in the influencer, the influencer will be more inclined to show interest in your brand.
When you’re ready to get in contact with the influencer - it can actually be quite easy. Many Instagram influencers have their email address or the email address of their PR/talent agency listed in their Instagram bio, or in a contact button on their profile.
Even if you’re a small business or boutique, you’re going to have to budget for influencer campaigns, especially if you want those “bigger” influencers as opposed to microinfluencers. Even with microinfluencers, you should still have a budget. For many influencers, this is their full-time job, how they get paid, so a “gifted collaboration” often times won’t cut it.
Budget for the product/service that you will be providing the influencer “gifted” (for free) as well as the amount of money that you feel comfortable paying.


Well, it highly depends on the type of product you have. Social media influencers can try to promote anything for the right price, but finding the ones who are actually in to your products will surely increase your chance of being promoted. :)


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I began two months ago, and I publish quality content every other day. I am at 1600 and feed IG, FB, and YouTube. I looked at the cheap panel and will say that it was possible two years ago when there was still organic reach, but those days are gone now. Nowadays, the only way to succeed is by being lucky. For instance, someone once cited a YouTube fitness channel that quickly grew to 100,000 subscribers. The algorithm must be onto you (1) at a crucial moment (2), and your niche must be seeing rapid growth (3). By rapid growth, I mean exponential.
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Given how much most influencers charge, the good ol' combo of making a blog section (with comments allowed), posting SEO-optimized content and working on a proper link building strategy might prove better ROI-wise...