How to add upsell and cross sells function on Alidropship


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is there any way or plugin to be used for adding upsell and cross sell on the exist alidropship website? How about woocommerce plugin?


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I've been waiting for months. They say it's coming :( Now you can do it with the Alidropship/Woocommerce plugin, but then you'll have to redo your entire site based on Woocommerce then pay for the feature (s).


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only woocommerce will be possible since the checkout page is independent.

i think the alidropship standalone plugin can be done. But the cross-selling is done for every product individually

Victoria Kudryashova

where is the manual/website that we can learn how cross selling works?
This is quite simple option:
Add products that you want to be visible at the same page with a particular product and click Update. After that you will be able to see these products as Related on a single Product page.


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ok so lets say i have x product that i want to upsell

in order for me to implement the cross selling thing, i will have to choose/ add any product, go down to product options, choose Cross selling tab, and select this x product?

is that what you mean Victoria?