How long the Cookie is kept?


Hi :) how long the cookie is kept? for example if the user left the alidropship website and came the day after and made a purchase of the plugin, will I still get the affiliate commission?


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In the affiliate log in area, I read the FAQ and under the Tracking and Payments section:
What is the cookie time? Cookie time is the maximum amount of time between the last click and the conversion that you will still be credited for the conversion. We have a cookie time of 30 days This means that if you refer a customer today and they purchase our products within the next month, then you'll be credited for the sale..
I interpret this to be that should another affiliate send a click, their cookie cancels yours ie they get the credit within the 30days not you should no more affiliates (or you) send further referrals

Looking forward to the clarification from the team on this though and because it is now the start of the weekend, support is now closed so we have to wait for clarification next week sometime.

This post is where the forum support opening times are confirmed.

You'll note, Sat and Sun support is not available

If the last cookie in the door within 30days gets credit and sale as I interpret it, then there is a need to update this in on the AliDropship affiliate FAQ section stating this. Will remove any guessing or assuming.
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