How I got my first sales with Google Shopping with no experience in E-com and digital marketing {with detailed reports}


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Thanks for your story. I have similar experience with you for FB ads. Finally I left FB and focus on Google shopping ads. I learn from you how to analyze data and adjust ads strategy. Thanks again!


Back to the original post..I would also like to share that in 14 months of testing over 70 products and many audiences it seems like facebook doesn't know the audience as well as they claim. Plus the intent is not there. Couple that to over expensive clicks and you have a recipe for a saturated platform with ad apathy users...No wonder now they have to over hype and downright lie to make it work somewhat.
I got something to work with Google but also I find some clicks to expensive. These places are becoming saturated. So we all need to think outside the box. I hope we can get some pinterest stories here I found it not to work yet but mostly because I didn't see how to get tracking added to my template when I get some time....

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The common consensus for quite a long time now is that Instagram is far more effective and cheaper than Facebook ads. However cheap $5 Facebook ads are still good for demographic testing purposes.
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Bukuiri is just dropping a link! Let's see if this forum is on autopilot in terms of admin.
Yes! I mean, the entire forum could very well self destruct if a SPAM link goes unattended to. My God! Head for the bomb shelters people!!

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Am actually in a good mood considering c19. But spammers never get my endorsement they cost all of us a lot. Namaste.

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But spammers never get my endorsement they cost all of us a lot. Namaste.
Why are you using the Hindi word for "hello" (or just a basic greeting) after a statement? Some kind of weird back to front dyslexia? Or just a total misunderstanding of the word?
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Well, just like someone told you above, it means that you have got common sense and that you are not stupid, not at all. I mean, you have done the basic things that a newbie should do when trying to sell something for the first time with Google Shopping. I still remember my first experience, it was sooo bad, I had no idea about e-commerce and all these things. After all, I have decided to learn more things about e-commerce search engine optimization and so on and so forth. All the things that I have learnt, actually helped me a lot in order to improve my sales, especially the quora marketing. I have read an incredible article about it, and now I understand how effective the reddit and quora backlinks can be.
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I am fairly new here. This story has been both informative and interesting. Google Ada has been a challenge to understand. I think I'm going to give them another try. Thanks for the info.


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Hello, dear drop shippers:)

My name is Helena and I would like to share with you my story. Two months have gone since I launched my first store and it has already made $2360 revenue. Of course, it's not big numbers, but I had no experience in ecom and digital marketing( but in past I run chocolate production and successfully sold it after two years) and I think it is a good result for beginner like me. In this thread I will describe all my previous and future steps.
I will be grateful if you also share your ideas with me and give experienced advises.

Let the story begin...

My very first production business I launched with sufficient investment and around half or this money was lost for unnecessary expenses that I believed would lead me to profit. I realized one thing- business doesn't require investment in the beginning, it requires a lot of work and testing. That's why I limited investment to my new project by 1000$. If I can't make money from 1000$ it means that I simply can't make money=)))

I didn't make any niche research, just found nice things on Ali that I liked. The idea was "things that add positive vibes to your life"- mostly cute girlish stuff. I specially chose wide range of products that somehow related to my first idea. Bcs I wanted future testing to reveal where the demand is.

I added 300 items and ordered review from Alidropship team - consultation with experts always positively effected on my past business. They pointed on some minor mistakes and I was happy that I think in right direction.

Also I ordered adds pack for FB - and this was stupid decision bcs I haven't tested niche, though alidropship team offered very nice adds and complete instruction how to target.

How ban from FB helped me to find niche

I was so happy when received my Fb add pack and started to create adds. After 10 hours my Facebook account was banned, my business manager was banned as well. Next 3 weeks I tried to restore my account- I restored my account for 5 times!!! And 5 times it was banned again:mad:

So I decided to leave FB for sometime till I don't understand the reason of account suspension. I was thinking how to test niche better - using IG shoutouts or Google Shopping. Taking all factors into consideration I chose Google Shopping.

I created Google Merchant Account and uploaded feed using Google Merchant add on. After 3 days my account was reviewed and accepted. In Adwords I set conversion tracking and launched my first campaign. I did't know how should I bid and chose enhanced bidding 0.15$. After one day I've got only 200 impressions and no clicks.

Then I changed bidding strategy to Maximize Clicks and in few hours I received my very first sale! Woohooo!
Three days I was testing my store using strategy Maximize clicks - I've got 7 orders and a lot of data to analyse. These days I haven't earned anything, more than that I had around 50% losses, but it gave me idea what should I do next. Maximize clicks is a strategy when google tries to bring maximum clicks to your website and put your offer in the very top, as a result you get a lot of expensive clicks. This strategy is great for fast testing.

I analysed data from google and saw prospect niche and deleted from my store 95% of items. Next week I added new items to store and changed design of site.
Next month I tried different strategies on Google - some of them was successful, some of them not. As a result I've got $1000 sales and no profit, but no losses as well! And I've found profitable strategy for Google for my niche .
Next post I will tell you about strategies I used, results and conclusionsView attachment 9207
We are waiting for the new episode of your E-Comm journey.


Thanks for sharing this report with us. It was very interesting for me to read about such a great sales experience on e-commerce. I also tried to do something similar, but it didn't work out for me. That is why I had to find other ways to learn more details about this business. It took me a long time to learn, and finally, I decided to use help from It was a successful solution which had a significant effect on my sales. I think that I will also cooperate with them in the future for a more positive result.
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Don't make this mistake with FB
As I told previously I was blocked on FB for many times though I followed all policies about ad.
Lately I understood reasons:
1) Name on my card was differ from my profile name and surname
2) In ad account I set USD as a currency and location Russia ( I'm from Russia, if I set location US and will use Russian credit card they will block me as well)

I wanted account in USD and found the solution - deleted previous ad manager with bad history and set a new one with location US and Paypal as a method of payment. Now everything okay and the second month of my dropshipping journey I tested fb ad .

I took the most popular products from shopping ad on google and tried to advertise them using video content.
Looks like I learned how to target well bcs FB always give me 9 points relevant score and I've got really cheap webpages views varied from 0.05$ to 0,15$ per landing page view ( click is even cheaper)

BUT conversion rate was extremely low!!!!
I definitely do smth wrong , I think , I should try funnel - now I'm looking for interesting and useful Info about traffic funnels. Smth, I've found in posts of @kingpin and will try his approaches.

Few words about targeting. To get high relevant score I overlap interests. For example, I sold corgi bookmark and tried several audience
First: Targeted ppl with interests related to corgi( around 8 interests) and reading
Second: I used 3 overlaps - ppl with 4 corgi interests narrowed with ppl with another 4 corgi interests and narrowed with reading interests.

In the second group I had purchases and the in first - no. I do this overlapping to find real fans. And that's why get high relevancy score from fb. Also I target only developed countries.

Today starting with simple thing -post viral video with promo slide in the end. Next week will share my results.
That’s great. Thanks for the tips.


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Your approach of limiting investment initially and focusing on testing makes a lot of sense. It's often the best way to learn and adapt in the ever-evolving world of online business. The unexpected turn of events with Facebook's ban leading you to Google Shopping is a testament to how sometimes challenges can lead to new opportunities. I'm eager to hear more about the strategies you've employed and the results you've achieved. Your insights are valuable to both beginners and experienced folks in the field. And if you're ever looking to further enhance your online presence, you might want to consider checking out the SerpClix review on It could offer some additional insights to boost your efforts.
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Hello Helena,

Thank you for sharing your entrepreneurial journey with us. It's inspiring to see your determination and willingness to adapt as you navigate the world of e-commerce. Best of luck with your e-commerce venture, and I look forward to hearing more about your progress in the future!