How can I make the best of an electronic business card in eCommerce?

I want to create an electronic business card. Of course, I see the general benefits - eco-friendly, real-time updates, there are many ways to share it. But I want to know if there is something specific it brings to the table in the eCommerce industry. I just started reading more about the features different makers have to offer, but in the meantime, it would be great if someone had first-hand experience to share?


In my experience, the best thing about my electronic business card is that I can automate customer data management, making the process smoother and more efficient. When scanned, the data integrates with the CRM system, sparing me manual entry hassles and ensuring that every interaction is recorded accurately. But be aware not all platforms offer integrations of this type. For example, I use Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac) which integrates with my CRM (Salesforce). It's a good idea to check these details in advance. I'm sharing the reviews here so you can compare different makers and see what works best for you.

Moving on, with the incorporation of tracking tools, I gain valuable insights into user engagement, conversions, and campaign performance which helps refine my marketing strategies. For example, by adding gamified elements like loyalty programs or referral bonuses, you can not only incentivize customer interaction but also drive sales and foster loyalty. Also, these cards facilitate the buyer's journey by providing direct links to your online store and showcasing customer feedback, so we're talking about building trust and encouraging conversions. And one last thing, their global accessibility surpasses geographical boundaries and opens the door for international collaborations, partnerships, and business expansion. Multilingual support makes this process even easier.
Thanks for the detailed answer! I thought there was lots of potential but, as I said, I just started reading about this. Your comment shed lots of light on the topic and I see that with some creativity and knowledge, one can do a lot more than just share contact info.