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I created the store on 15th April and I launched Facebook ads on 26th April and started generating revenue on the first day. I started to scale in May and I did $9,356.57 in only 17 days before Facebook closed my ad account, then Stripe and Paypal also. I live in Morocco and it is harder to scale here because once you start increasing the ad spend on Facebook and reach $1k a day on payment providers, they do a review and close your accounts for no reason. These companies are so strict with third countries and that's the reason I'm selling this website.
All the revenue comes from 1 winning product with literally no competition, the relationship with the supplier is already established (Ships from an Alibaba supplier max delivery time 12 days).
the conversion rate and the site speed are higher than similar stores because of the simple design and the premium theme used (350$)
Domain name + Private email till April 2022
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The business idea with home decor sales is very good and profitable. When I tried to implement this idea, I bought a huge amount of material and installed some in my home. I also decided to use https://www.radiatoroutlet.co.uk. I was able to complement my interior and add austerity and aesthetics to it. I implemented this idea, and I recouped my investment within six months. I consider it a very good result.
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I'm willing to share the idea, I'm not going to implement it, but I see it as quite profitable. I see a complete lack of good design in the lighting decor market. I recommend looking at lighting with a soft gold finish. Soft matte finishes on lamp shades or frames are long-lasting. They can go with almost any kind of decor, from modern to traditional. Companions: things in other soft shades, such as gray or matte silver. You can also still make money with led strip lights. This product won't be out of trend for a long time yet.


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Today there are many advantages of buying almost any interior items for your home. Therefore, the business with the sale of interior elements is going pretty well. People are willing to pay a decent amount of money, because things can be extremely useful, practical for a person, and therefore they will make his life more convenient as well as save his time, and possibly also save space in the house. As for the space saving, I've recently replaced my old door with 96 inch closet doors, for example, and now I have a little more space to put shelf or something like that on the sides.
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