Home Decor Dropshipping Store For Sale (Ready To Scale)

Anass dbich

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I created the store on 15th April and I launched Facebook ads on 26th April and started generating revenue on the first day. I started to scale in May and I did $9,356.57 in only 17 days before Facebook closed my ad account, then Stripe and Paypal also. I live in Morocco and it is harder to scale here because once you start increasing the ad spend on Facebook and reach $1k a day on payment providers, they do a review and close your accounts for no reason. These companies are so strict with third countries and that's the reason I'm selling this website.
All the revenue comes from 1 winning product with literally no competition, the relationship with the supplier is already established (Ships from an Alibaba supplier max delivery time 12 days).
the conversion rate and the site speed are higher than similar stores because of the simple design and the premium theme used (350$)
Domain name + Private email till April 2022
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