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Shiv Saroya

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Hittrendz.com is A Starter multi Niche (lifestyle, tech, fashion) Dropshipping store. As it has recently been launched, it's unlikely to have traffic, revenue but domain authority (DA) is 6+.

It's a fully automated dropshipping multi-seller marketplace, which lists 50 top-selling items (SEO optimized titles and descriptions) .carefully picked using product research tools.

Store Details:

Store: https://hittrendz.com

Social media pages: None

Estimated Domain Value: $1,354 (USD)

DA: 6
PA: 11

*All product are best-sellers and indexed in the Google*

Price: $200
Contact: shivsaroya05@gmail.com
Skype: shiv.saroya
Ask for WhatsApp No. for fast conversation.

*Note: I will provide 100% after-sale support and help to set up the store.

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Estimated Domain Value: $1,354 (USD)
Godaddy Domain Appraisal

Way overvalued. Probably done by a bot or an algorithm. Not a human. I'd rather buy hittrends.com for $2095. The correct spelling alone would be 100s of times better for SEO. Correctly spelled domains also look more credible and legitimate.

Misspelled domain names often look cheap and tacky. e,g, "deals4u.com" and "toyzru.com". It's like "hittrends.com" was taken already so you just changed the "s" to a "z".

multi Niche ... store.
Must be the new buzz term for "General Store" ;)

fully automated
Rubbish. Try "Semi-Automated". A human needs to process orders, handle refunds and answer customer emails.

multi-seller marketplace
Alidropship plugin stores are NOT multi-seller marketplaces. Aliexpress, eBay, DHGate, Amazon etc are.

which lists 50 top-selling items
Just about ALL e-commerce stores/themes list the top sellers.

carefully picked using product research tools.
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Godaddy Domain Appraisal
I care for the domain name on a normal lever.... I will never buy a domain more them $15 (huge price).
If you can have little be imagination you can find a cool name for your store for less the $15.
Overpriced domain believing is gonna bring more sale? ...how you see this is not happening and you still try to make some profit selling your store here...
Good luck


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Everyone has their own "common sense", don't spread your own "common sense" here.
I apologise if I hurt your feeling o_O
Sensitive people around this forum :oops::oops:
If you want to pay $2000 for a domain go for it.
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I just check my Godaddy Domain Appraisal , hahahaha
My domains which I buy 8 dollar each , the one of them is over $1507 and my other one $1207.
who want to buy them ????:)
Serious offer only !;)