Hiking and Outdoor shop for sale


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I am selling my online shop for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities, using the Storefront Theme, with Alidropship, Social Rabbit.
Currently no sales. I am traveling and do not have the time to invest in that project. Started an Instagram account, but got blocked, since I am not in the country and can not confirm my phone number, since SMS is not delivered to my location. A Facebook page is also set up.
I installed a newsletter system to collect emails. Just needs to add some campaigns and build the lists.

Check it out: https://outdoor-xventure.com

Selling the shop with plugins for $750,- negotiable

for more questions feel free to contact me.


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Hey, can you please share screenshots of this account here or in private messages(especially since I'm interested in changing the phone number, can you please tell me the country you created this account)? The price is looking great. Is your proposition still available? I just reached you in private messages to discuss more details. I have a couple of questions regarding the account type/number of followers and photos you posted before. I'm planning to sell flashlights and other camping appliances for people who like to travel a lot. Please answer me when you will have free time. Thank you for your answer in advance, buddy.
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Running an online shop for hiking and outdoor activities sounds like a fantastic venture! Utilizing themes like Storefront and plugins like Alidropship and Social Rabbit can really elevate the store's potential. It's great that you've set up various channels like Instagram and Facebook, although hitting a snag with the phone verification is a bummer. As for your store, highlighting versatile items like womens hiking outfits could attract outdoor enthusiasts.
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