Hidemyacc - the best multi-login browser management tool as protection against browser fingerprinting


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Anti-detect as the name suggests is the prevention of getting identified. Anti-detect browsers are browsers that are designed to help you remain undetected while browsing the internet.

Antidetect browsers are applications based on popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. They typically allow you to configure all your credentials and keep you safe from all kinds of detection like browser fingerprinting, geo-location tracking, etc.

Forget about the pain that ordinary browsers or virtual machines give you and the fact that you constantly have to clear cookies, change the user agent, and yet still end up getting your account banned.
Hidemyacc is the best anti-detect browser software helps create many different Profiles and run simultaneously from 1 computer.

I. Hidemyacc's advantages:
  • All profiles are separated and protected
Each profile is in a separate container so that their data do not conflict with each other.
  • Teamwork
Easily share Profile/Folder Hidemyacc with your members. Accounts are divided into specific groups, Hidemyacc allows you to manage your account and your group efficiently.
  • High security
Regularly update algorithms on highly secure platforms such as eBay, Etsy, etc. to create the safest environment for customers.
  • Fingerprint protection
Hidemyacc hides your original browser fingerprint and creates a new and unique browser fingerprint for your new profiles. That's why you CANNOT BE DISCOVERED.
  • Huge Configuration Warehouse
Continuously update computer / smartphone parameters (iOS, Android), browser, new operating system, creating a dense data source to help users create many different types of machine parameters.
  • Cookie-Bot
Use Hidemyacc's Automation to access a list of URLs, run a bot to visit websites, and collect cookies. Each profile securely stores your cookies and cache, allowing you to save valuable time.
  • Auto Back-up
Our servers are backed up automatically every 24 hours. So you can recover your deleted profile. In case you need to restore, please contact our support via Telegram, Facebook, Skype or Email.
  • Identity protection
Before using the browser, GoLogin will open a page with your connection data, so you can make sure it is safe and anonymous.
  • Multi-apps
Hidemyacc is a necessary but not enough condition to participate in making money online. For example, you need a tool that integrates with Hidemyacc to upload designs to multiple website accounts at the same time. Understanding that need, Hidemyacc expands to develop other necessary tools so that customers can easily increase work efficiency as much as possible.
  • Automation
Automation is a premium feature that saves your time, effort and money for repetitive tasks like Cookie Bot, account creation, web surfing,...
All you need is to write a number of simple code snippets on the Automation tab to let Hidemyacc automatically run the configuration and do the repetitive work according to your requirements.
  • Quick Support
We value user experience and long-term goals, so our experienced customer care team strives to respond immediately. Along with that, the technical team is always on hand to assist you as soon as possible.

II. Use cases
  • Partnership programs
To prevent possible risks when launching ads, use multiple accounts.
  • Digital marketing
Facebook, Google, TikTok or any kind of platform where you need to create multiple accounts to run your ads. Affiliate Marketing and Crowd Marketing will run smoothly without blocking accounts.
  • Web scraping
Save your money and be safer if you need Web Scraping or test the product yourself. Never mind if your account is on their blacklist.
  • Ecommerce
eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, or any other e-commerce platform has rules that don't allow you to create multiple accounts. Creating multiple stores for dropshipping has never been so easy.
  • Crypto
Running multiple accounts is an indispensable element to earn as much money as possible, especially if you have to use Hidemyacc to stay anonymous. Many Whitelist and Airdrop accounts will never be detected.
  • Gambling
Have you had some problems with Bookmakers? Gambling and betting is easier when they can't know your real identity.

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