Hi there, I wish to sell my Alidropship store.


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I'm selling my Alidropship store for only $397. Unfortunately I have zero time left to focus on it anymore as well as zero extra cash flow to further invest in it as I would have liked. However the time that I have spend on it I tried extremely hard to make it as clean, simple, functional and as aesthetically pleasing as I possibly could, so make no mistake I gave it my all, and I sincerely hope it shows as it should. At this stage I only want to recover the basic expenses incurred. It does come with addons: Wishlist $49, Social Rabbit $69, AliShipping $29, Product Slideshow $19, My Suppliers $17, Product Bundle 39$ and Promo Banner $19 which equals a total amount of $241 for the Addons, and then there are a few other free addons included as well such as Customers Gallery, GA Enhanced Ecommerce and Abandoned Cart. It also comes with Alidropship theme Andy Warhol $67, and the Alidropship original plugin of course $89. So the total amount altogether is $397. The domain for the online shop is with Namecheap which I absolutely adore as their service and pricing is just amazing, but that's just my personal opinion, anyways there is still a few months left before it has to be renewed again. Please keep in mind that all that can be transferred to your preferred hosting provider as well. Just a few more things to highlight here such as the site for the online shop is on Wordpress which is a free and awesome platform which I truly adore as well, just my personal opinion again, and so there is no extra absorbent fees involved there either as would be the case if it was on Shopify which is a huge bonus. Also please take a look through the images provided to see the current site performance of the shop on GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights on mobile and desktop, and you will see that it scores pretty well, again as mentioned previously I did put in a huge amount of effort, but at the same time please note that I have not yet promoted or marketed any products on the store therefore there are no sales or customers as of yet, also the niche was not that well researched either, but of course you can chop and change to meet your own customers needs or find niches of interest to you and your target audience etc. So please anyone who may be interested (only serious buyers) should please not hesitate to contact me for further info and details etc. tracysworx@gmail.com, and I will be more than happy to help you take over this somewhat challenging, but wonderfully rewarding business adventure/opportunity, so thanks very much for your all your time and interest invested in reading my post and hopefully I have managed to find an enthusiastic, go getter, and legit buyer:)


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