(HELP)How to rank higher on google search

You need to build the Domain authority of your website. So along with the basic internal SEO likekeyword mapping, adding meta titles and descriptions, you need to do some link building. First thing you need to do is ind the umbrella nich that your niche falls under, if its a gadget store it would be tech. The point of finding the umbrella niche is that you need want to be able to reach a large audience of link creators,, other websites who will link to you..

THen you need to create some really good content (blog content)... U can use buzzsumo (u can find cheaper group sharing plans) and search for the most shared content in that field... then you can get an idea of what to write about. Write a few really good articles with images and then do email outreach.

One good method of email outreach is broken link building. but you need ahrefs for this... (again u can find group sharing plans)

Do a search under the content section of ahrefs for the keyword of your bog. Then take those results and put them into screaming frog seo spider. Scan for broken links (404) ... THen take that list of broken links and go back to ahrefs and scan each of those to find the backlinks pointing to them...

THen you need to email everyone on that list and let them know u have a similar article they can link to.

This will build your DA and help rank you for your keywords.