hello from a Newbie! My Journey so Far...

Dave Dixon

Hello everyone, this is my first post (Aside from in the support section).

I started using this Plugin a few days ago, and I am blown away by it! I love the theme too.

My Store is not in any particular Niche, it's a general store. At the moment it is running on a temporary Domain, but if you want to take a look - gearshopr.siterubix.com.

I plan on creating more stores in niches in the near future, once I have this one nailed.

In a few days I will have it switched to the domain GearShopr.com with SSL, then I can test the order process and get it refined.

And then it will be time for Promotion!

I am so excited, I have always wanted a dropship store but never found a good way of automating it all.

I look forward to contributing here, and would also appreciate any advice from you experts!

Thanks again,

Hello @Dave Dixon
Nice to have you onboard

If you are starting out, i would recommend a niche store, all big brands started in this way
  • Mc Donaldsd started selling burgers, now is selling salad
  • Nike started selling shoes, now is selling watches
  • Amazon started selling books, now is selling almost anything
That's my recommendation, unless you have a big budget to test a lot of products.

Wish you the best ;)