Has anyone successfully drop shipped car or motorcycle parts or any related products?

Hi, everyone. My first venture did not go well as expected so now I'm looking to explore other niches.

I was thinking of leaning towards the auto industry for my products, specifically mods or wheels? Do you think it's a possible niche? If yes, do you think there are suppliers for this? If you think there is please send them my way.


Hello, this seems like an interesting niche. There are lots of products that fall into the wheel niche, including cast-aluminum wheels, forged steel wheels, motorcycle race wheels, aftermarket rims, and other types of custom-built or mass-produced wheels. With that, you can see that there are a lot of opportunities due to the wide variety.

But for me, maybe tighten it up a little more and focus on what type or kind. Let's say forged and casted wheels might be well-suited for you depending on what market you're looking at targeting. I'm not an auto junkie but after browsing through some articles I believe they have different requirements.

So it really depends. How much research have you put into it?


The version that it is more profitable to sell the car by parts is confirmed: the money for all the time of trade in this way was more than for the most expensive Nexia on the car market. The second profitable option is to study scrap copper prices and sell cars and other parts for scrap. This is no less profitable and requires less skill.


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Sorry to hear about your first venture, but exploring other niches is a smart move. The auto industry can be a great niche for dropshipping, especially with car mods and wheels. There are definitely suppliers out there, but it may require some research to find reliable ones. By the way, have you considered importing cars from Japan? It's quite popular, and I recently came across jdmbuysell.com, a website offering Japanese cars for sale. They might have some valuable insights and connections for your venture. As a newcomer to this forum, I'm excited to be part of the community and exchange ideas.
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@orderinggoodies hello man, I think it's a great idea since it is now in demand. At the moment, many products fall under the niche wheels. Many people are looking where you can buy good wheels for their vehicles. I am a big motorcycle enthusiast and often faced with the problem of finding the right wheels. I found these guys https://www.sticky-stuff.co.uk who helped me with this, so if you need suppliers, you can go to them. However, it is up to you as you have to look for suppliers very carefully and meticulously because you might just get cheated for money or send you a defective product.
Hi @Davidson1987, appreciate this one mate but I decided not to push through as the upfront cost were higher than I expected cause I was also considering furniture as another option (like bedside lamps, bed frames, etc)


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Hi. As I know it's a profitable business to sell car parts. My friend has a little store and also a website with this product. He says it's in good demand.


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Hey guys. Sorry for bumping the old thread. I need to know if I need to pay any taxes for shipping the car between states (5-7 states). If I do, how much would it cost? Thanks!


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No worries about bumping an old thread. To get more specific details, you can check with the DMV or a professional car shipping service. And as for the cost of shipping your car, that varies based on distance and the type of car shipping america service you choose. You can get quotes from different companies to compare prices and services.
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