Has anyone successfully drop shipped car or motorcycle parts or any related products?


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Hi, everyone. My first venture did not go well as expected so now I'm looking to explore other niches.

I was thinking of leaning towards the auto industry for my products, specifically mods or wheels? Do you think it's a possible niche? If yes, do you think there are suppliers for this? If you think there is please send them my way.


Hello, this seems like an interesting niche. There are lots of products that fall into the wheel niche, including cast-aluminum wheels, forged steel wheels, motorcycle race wheels, aftermarket rims, and other types of custom-built or mass-produced wheels. With that, you can see that there are a lot of opportunities due to the wide variety.

But for me, maybe tighten it up a little more and focus on what type or kind. Let's say forged and casted wheels might be well-suited for you depending on what market you're looking at targeting. I'm not an auto junkie but after browsing through some articles I believe they have different requirements.

So it really depends. How much research have you put into it?