[Group Buy] Targeting Academy + OTOs

Andre M

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  • GB Name : Targeting Academy + OTOs
  • Version : Last
  • OS : Anything
  • Type : Target Course And Software, Social Lead Software
  • GB Price : $37(FE) + $47(OTO1) + $37(OTO2) + $47(OTO3) = $168
  • GB Cost : $15
  • GB Joined : 10/10 Peoples
  • GB Status : Delivered
  • Homepage : SalePage

Targeting Academy is the world’s #1 ad targeting training program for FB Ads! It combines in-depth targeting strategies and methods responsible for over $437k of products sold plus ground breaking web app FB ads/ecommerce technology.


FE - Targeting Academy - $197
  • Most comprehensive FB ad targeting training ever created, 50 Video Modules of PURE GOLD!
  • FB Ad Targeting Strategies & Methods responsible for Over $437k of products SOLD!
  • Complete Ad Targeting Platform, next generation in FB Ads/eCommerce technology!
  • Powerful FB ads platform unlocks hidden interests, builds very targeted audiences and launch ads instantly!
  • Fully automated integration of FB ads + Twitter ads + Youtube ads (never seen before).
  • Deep Sales Funnel, 50% Commissions, $212 PER SALE!
  • Sales copy written by a 7 figure copywriter
  • Proven results, real testimonials and high performance system.

OTO1 - Insignt PRO Version - $47
  • With the insightr PRO feature, your customers will instantly take their sales & customer base to the next level using our breakthrough Youtube & Twitter ad technology
  • PRO Upgrade #1: Instantly find monetized YT videos so you can laser target PERFECT prospects
  • PRO Upgrade #2: YouTube Video Tags : Legally & Ethically STEAL your top competitors EXACT meta tags & other important data that is helping them to rank so high. Now you will soar to the rankings off other people’s efforts!
  • PRO Upgrade #3: Target Hot Prospects on Twitter and Get their Ids
  • PRO Upgrade #4: Geo target the hottest Twitter trends to deliver ads that convert globally
  • PRO Upgrade #5: Find Consumer-Intent Tweets by Keyword or Hashtag
  • PRO Upgrade #6: Store and Save all your CSV lists!
  • PRO Upgrade #7: Complete Training Videos
  • PRO Upgrade #8: 24 Hour Dedicated Support

OTO2 - Targeting Academy Local Business Clients - $37
  • 12 exclusive advanced training videos revealing how to target thousands of local chients with
  • Video #1: Intro –Targeting Local Business for HUGE Profits!
  • Video #2: The “Hack” Strategy!
  • Video #3: 100% Niche Responsive Clients!
  • Video #4: Focusing on The PERFECT Clients!
  • Video #5: Targeting Local Clients for Specific Situations!
  • Video #6: Targeting the Local “Stubborn” Client!
  • Video #7: GEO-Targeting for Massive Local Clients!
  • Video #8: A Repair Man & Mechanics Gold Mine!
  • Video #9: The Local “Average-American” Niche!
  • Video #10, #11, #12: Targeting the Trillion Dollar Moto Industry(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

OTO3 - eSpector - $47
  • My secret weapon to find winning ecom products Fb interests, trends, design ideas and more at the push of a button.
  • Scour the web for trending HOT topics that you can capitalize on BEFORE the crowd. (This includes one of my secret sources that I’ve used to generate tons of successful product ideas… but which no-one ever talks about. Even though it’s one of the most popular sites on the internet!)
  • Find The Most Relevant and Best Selling eCom Products On The Market!
  • Check 1000’s of Fanpages for Facebook ad interest keywords for your ad campaigns using sophisticated search features that no other software has!
  • Find near-guaranteed top-selling POD design ideas that you can implement in MINUTES.
  • Find HOT Twitter Trends by ANY location!
  • Do ALL your product and fan page research in just 5 minutes.
  • A secret weapon which has NEVER BEFORE been released to the public.
  • Completely WEB BASED – use it on any computer, anywhere in the world.
  • 100% risk-free with the ironclad money-back guarantee. Just TRY IT OUT and be amazed.
Hi, 15dollars all includes?


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Hi, when I try to log in with the auto populated username via firefox portable tadinhmanh I get the message ERROR: Wrong username or password.
Please send me the correct login details at your earliest convenience.
Thank you.


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Hi, What is this? And what is for 15$?
hello, you get all content I got from the vendor.
its a bit old as they are making 2.0 version.
$15 is really cheap to see all the content of their learning center.
if you are still interested, send me a PM or just wait, I expect tp post new stuff here soon.