[Group Buy] mailbiz.co |Business Plan| LIFETIME [Instant Deliver] - 92%OFF! CLOSED

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  • GB Name : mailbiz.co Lifetime Business Plan
  • Version : Last
  • OS : Anything
  • Type : FB Ads Spy & Analytics
  • GB Price : $497
  • GB Cost : $35
  • GB Status : CLOSED
  • Homepage :

As buyer, you must be aware of groupbuy or how groupbuy works. f you want 100% stable service just purchase tools directly. Groupbuy has its own problems no one can provide 100% stable service and thats the reason you are using tools that worth over $x000 only for $x0..

Whats about refund?
No, we do not offer any refund for the same reason mentioned above and I repeat: please do not purchase a GB subscription if you Don't know how it works and what are the risks. Do not purchase if you don't want to take the risk.
Thank you
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many people now here could answer to this question.

Basically, I buy a subscription like any users can do.
Then I use Firefox Portable to set a private proxy. in that way, we all use the same IP.
The saas or website has login prefilled by me.
If people tries to change something in the account info or change the password, the account blocks and then I have to reset password and everyone in the group buy are waiting about the new password.

After buy the GB from me, you will receive a zip file, you just have to extract the folder in your drive and use the firefox.exe.
thats it.
you can now use nicely tool for a very cheap price ;)

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