[Group Buy]Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Facebook Spy tool: Adspy, Adsector, Spyover... and much more


We open this thread for selling group buy accounts for Ecommerce, Dropshipping tools:

- Adspy: The most power spy tool for Facebook and Instagram Ads.
Adspy is the definition of an advanced social media spying tool that has as many unique features as some of the best spy tools in the industry, and yet it’s more affordable than most of them.
Adspy boasts that they have the largest database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world with more than 74 million ads from over a dozen million advertisers from around the world.
The regular price is $149/month, our group buy price is $14.99.
You can check it out here: http://groupbuyexpert.com/adspy-group-buy-account

- Adsector: The Most Advanced Advertising Analytics Tool On The Market. AdSector lets you find the top performing ads and shows you who it is targeting. This gives you a systematic edge over the competition.
Know who to target – and when, with the kind of advanced analytics that showcase:
  • Ad reach
  • Social media interactions/responses
  • Weekly trends
  • Demographic[hic information
  • And more…
AdSector offers the most comprehensive analytics in the industry. See everything you need to know about an ad on one page, making your research quick and simple.
The regular price is $249 per month, our group buy price is $10
You can check it out here: http://groupbuyexpert.com/adsector-group-buy-account

- And much more Ecommerce, dropshipping group buy tool such as: Jungle Scout, nichescraper, Pexda, ecomhunt, helium 10... You can visit our sale group buy page here: http://groupbuyexpert.com/Dropshipping-E-commercy-group-buy-tools

Good luck with your business!