[Group Buy] eCom Weapons Cache


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Hello, I got some requests about that product so I'm starting this group buy..

  • Name : eCom Weapons Cache
  • Type : Ecom Course
  • Price : $297
  • Cost : 45$
  • Joined : 7/7 People
  • Status : Instant access
  • Homepage : SalePage


eCom Weapons Cache - $297
  • 10 Highest Grossing Breakthrough eCom Products
  • -I'll give you the exact secret products I’m selling right now that makes me net profits of over $2,000/Day each, some of them have generated over $100,000 sales each in the few months alone.
  • -These are what I call “Breakthrough eCom products” —- they are you’re golden tickets to eCom riches, sell them and you’ll always have more orders than you can handle.
  • -And they’re so under the radar that literally no one else is selling them so you’ll have complete monopoly, conversions will be through the roof and ROI will be unbelievable.
  • -You’ll also get access to my private agent that will source these products for you for pennies on the dollar and ready to dropship to your customers. Once you get into my eCom Weapons Cache program, I will personally introduce you to the agent.
  • -Each of these products generate no less than $2k Net Profits per day (pure profits, not revenue). We source them at dirt-cheap rate of $0.7 - $1.49 per product and sell at $49 - $99 each.
  • The FB Ads & Instagram Campaign of Each Product
  • -I will give you my entire Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for each of the products, the exact ad campaigns I’m running now that are killing it and all are 100% compliant, these ad campaigns are structured to go extremely viral and pull in a lots free traffic and of course sales, that’s why I get conversions as low as $0.69 per sale… it’s not luck, it’s pure science that I apply on my ads.
  • -And I will give you these ads so there’s no guesswork, just take them and upload to Facebook & Instagram, run it and you’ll be sending me testimonial before this week is over.
  • -I will also include my targeting setup for you in the ad campaigns, practically everything you need so you just upload and start profiting immediately
  • 7 Figure eCom Monopoly Landing Page Template
  • -And finally, one of our biggest secrets to eCom success is that we don't use stores, the conversion rates when using Shopify and other eCom stores are abysmal at best, we've come to discover how to crush eCom WITHOUT stores, we use funnels and landing pages.
  • -I will give you my eCom Monopoly Landing Page, this is my best converting landing page, it’s been battle tested for the last 6 months and it’s consistently converted better than all my other landing pages. This landing page is responsible for over 60% of our entire eCom sales and we'll give you our winning copy architecture as well.
  • -It’s pretty much the only page I'm using in launching all my physical products now, the page literally eats up your traffic and turns it into sales.


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I'm still trying to acheive the results as told in the letter. I've wating for a reply from your agent.They have not replied.