Google Merchant Update Issues in PPC Shopping ads


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Hi all,

wondering if anyone has a similar error in Google Merchant/PPC shopping ads:

1. products connected (over 500 products- it's counting all the variations as individual products)
2. product changes aren't happening with automatically updated URL product feed (product deletion, price changes)
3. I've deleted, re-generated and resubmitted the feed- it gives me a warning that the product is uploaded in multiple feeds (even though I deleted the last one)

is this a Google thing or a Google Merchant ADS plugin issue?

I deleted one product because the seller removed it. I have automatic updates on Google Merchant set up through the Google Merchant URL setup, it is showing 404 error and won't remove the product. There are also some pricing discrepancies in my product feed PPC ads vs on my website, even though I'm doing strictly US pricing and advertising for now. Am I expecting it to do things it isn't supposed to? I thought this was automatically updating... I feel like I'm spending more time keeping on top of the automation than I am promoting the store :( on the bright side, I think I know why the sales have been slow. Wrong prices in my shopping ads!

Keeping a store with 70+ products is really difficult enough with Aliexpress sellers changing their stock variations often and the plugin doesn't account for this, even with the option set to "update stock automatically"... but that's a whole other issue I won't post here. If Google Merchant (or the plugin?) isn't picking up the changes, then it takes away a lot of the ADS plugins convenience.

Anyone else having a similar issue that they've made progress with? It took forever to figure out what was going on, this has literally been a 3 month struggle even getting it to what I thought was working properly. I'm experienced with other Google Ad campaigns, but new to Google Merchant and shopping ads.



I fixed it by deleting and resubmitting everything again, it must be an ADS plugin issue because everything was set up correctly in GMC and the "automatically update stock and price" there was fine. I had some issues with it before as well, it had deleted my category assignments. Anyways, bugs are bound to happen.. pain in the butt and I'll keep an eye on it from here on out, but its already updated in my Google Ads account as well. Updating for any future users who may have this issue... just do a big reset on everything: feed, plugin, GMC. You can leave your campaign alone though. I'll reach out directly to ADS support and update again if I see update issues in the future.
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I am getting same warning in google merchant account "Insufficient match of microdata price information" so what should i do now as per your experience ?