Google labels my sites as 'Pure spam', now I can't use Google Ads...


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Hi! I was trying to set up a campaign in Google Ads and I found all my ads disapproved by Google. It was very difficult to get to know what was the problem. Now it seems Google labels my site as 'pure spam'. And because of that my site probably will not rank in Google and Google doesn't allow me to use their Google ads.

Google labels a site as pure spam because of different reasons. To name a few: cloaking, automatic generated bullsh*t, content from other sites or other violations of the Google guidelines. Since we're importing products from Aliexpress it is true we use content from another website. But then all dropship sites (Alidropship) should have a pure spam label from Google... I'm not doing anything weird or extreme on my site, just building it and adding products. I have imported reviews and used (by mistake) 'translate into my language' at some products. That may give some weird results.

Has any of you have had this pure spam problem with Google (before)?

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I have a same question in my website

I add some product to website but google webmaster Tell me it is spam

And my google adwords is spam

Help me


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Google removed the Pure Spam label after I asked for an extra check. Looks like they judged too quickly. I just explained what kind of site it is and have not changed anything.