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Ok, I see. Well, I have access to my cpanel so I can see the cpu usage anytime.

But I just read one of your post and you say that you asked your hosting provider to do something in the server that fix the problem with CPU and auto updates. By any chance, did they tell you what they did?
Yes they told me. They activated apcu and opcache. One user activated it in his server but did not work, meaning it is not the only thing.


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Yes, I chat with Interserver few minutes ago to ask them a few things. Ok, Mar's link is her affiliate link for Interserver. If I go with them, I will use Mar's link. Thanks for your help.


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I am using a droplet from digitalocean!
Yes, It's a good hosting option. I have been using the DigitalOcean server for my own ecommerce store. With some more Magento hosting specific features as my website is created on Magento. So, I found DigitalOcean coupled with Magento specific features the best way to use. As, their are companies like Cloudways who are best in providing this lucrative sort of hosting experience.