Get Google ad accounts with $600 credit for cheap

Ads Santa

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If you have a new store and want to test profitability or increase your profits on your old store, I have Google ad accounts with balance of $600 going for $150. If you want to maximize your profits reach me on Skype though this id


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This is a good suggestion. I hope you haven't sold the account yet. I've written to you on skype, waiting for a reply. In general, I am always attracted to google ads because they are the best ads. After all, everyone uses google, and whenever we see an exciting advertising offer, we immediately use it. What's convenient is that your account has a balance of $600, and I don't have to refill it. I usually borrow on the platform, where I choose the best offer. But your account balance suits me fine, and I won't have to take a loan if I use your account.