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I am writing this post from my phone so please forgive me for the typos.

I recently started my dropshipping store and managed to get three sales in month. So, I am a newbie myself. In this post, I would like to share with you two must have plugins, using free cdn and a graphic design site you can to enhance your site. I am still learning so I hope you guys share what worked for you doesnt just have to be plugins. I mean you can share your thoughts on advertising and pricing.

1. Optimus: Its a must have image optimisation plugin which is by far the cheapest I have found. At the time of writing, its $29/year. This plugin greatly reduces the size of your images by almost 30% which meams you page loads faster. Its good for conversion.
2. WP Rocket: Really does increase the loading speed of your site by almost double. It a cache pluging which minifies and combines your css and js files.

Use free CDN
Cloudflare: Its free, super easy to set up. If you are not using it, I would advise you should.
Photon by Jetpack: Its a free image cdn from wordpress.
Both of these are very easy to set up and makes your website load faster which is very important to reduce the bounce rate.

Its a graphic design site, super easy to use. While reading through the forum, I came across links to dropshipping sites which seemed very poor in design. I mean ask yourself, would you buy from a store that isnt visually pleasing. I do accept the fact that we have very little budget but we should always do our best to make it visually appealing. Canva is super easy to use and you also get a free month trial. Give it a try. A month is long enough to create all the graphics you need for your site and fb page. Then move to the free version.

The reason I am writing this post is in response to some new dropshippers who are unable to score a sale and thinking about quitting.
Great post!

As for image optimization, I recommend using just WP Smush, as I wouldn't pay $29/month for a marginally better plugin when the former is free and does the job well.