General Store For Sale!! Almost 2000 Products Imported.

Hi there. I have 1 general store for sale. Its not a niche store but with product categories same as AE store.

Im using alidropship plugin with DaVinci theme and hosting by alidropship. All functions are well set up and you just run it and collect your profit. We will discuss which part need to be modified such as paypal address, email address, facebook page and something else.

Reason for selling is to give someone else who can give the store the proper promotion that it deserves to realise its potentials. I cannot do that because of time constrains. Im working with busy schedule and dont have enought time for handling.

My store is still new and its around 10 months since first activated. Average traffic is 300 unique visitors/month, i think its came from organic search (because im not doing any promotions ). It also already make a $30++ total profit.

All functions are fully set up and you dont need wasting your time to do anything. Just buy and run and get your profit instead.

Anyone interested kindly give me a pm for further discussion and price negotiation. Thanks
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