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My Custom store is now 7 months old and I havent run any ads in the recent months. At this stage in my life I'm not in a state of mind to look after this online business. My young family is struggling financially so to be honest Im unable to to put aside money for running ads. The store was made with a lot of love, time and effort and you'll see why when you visit the store.

Traffic Report
Users till date: 5207
New users 5204
% New visits 92.02%
Pages/visit 1.67%
Pageviews 9465

Alidropship Plug In
Active FB page with nearly 1.5k followers
Active Instagram account with over 1.3k followers
Website ready with pixel and all settings needs to run ads on FB
Domain paid for till 2025 with godaddy

Abandoned Cart
Social Rabbit
Bulk Discounts
Promo banners
Reviews Page
Payment gateways - Paypal and Stripe
Premium Products till end of October

For all of this i paid just over $2000.

if you can run the ads as suggested by the team, this store will be a huge success for sure.

Please ping or email me your bid, if you are interested or have questions.

Thanks x
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I think the store needs development and funding, just like the family. If you want it to make money, you need to invest. Or try to buy a franchise and open another store. It's not a quick fix. I recently opened my own boutique (not online) with gifts. And until I advertised, I didn't get a dime from customers. I got this idea from my wife, who couldn't pick out sweet 16 birthday gifts. So now we have a supply of gift ideas and income for our family.
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