Formula + ePacket

The number of countries according to the UN in 2018, there were 252.
You can limit the number of countries. Ex: choose only 10 countries. :)

TIn addition, if you integrate ePacket, it is not in the form that you suggested. A bit more complicated.
It's maybe not the right place, but you can add an option panel to do so. ;)

Nobody forbids writing add-ons . ...
Good to know, but I do not have the time to do it. That's why I bought AliDropShip. If I had it, I would have built my own plugin.


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I don't know how to do it. I am not a programmer. I do know that other similar plugins/services do it. So there is a way to do it.
It doesn't have to be exact for each country, maybe just an average. Any problem that can be solved manually can be solved programatically, if there is a will to do it. But there is a definite need. There's an opportunity here.
this is very simple to solve. the DropshipMe plugin that is a plugin developed by alidropship collects two information "SHIPPING TO" and "SHIPPING METHOD" (see attached image) these two information could be added also in the method of pricing in the plugin alidropship. Problem solved.


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Problem solved
Thanks Adriano for taking the time to reply. Actually I looked into several months ago. For a list of reasons, which I won't go into here, I found it not suitable for me. But it does prove one critical point: Getting the shipping costs isn't impossible. Is it?