[For Sale] Very promising kids clothes and toy store.


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I was making branding for my site please take a look www.doozy.toys
I run my dropshipped bussines before back from 2015 and try make own website on 2018
all IG and FB follower are organic, there is 800++ product uploaded, Title and description edited also most of product with imported review.
Live from January 2018 no sales until now, I dont have time to manage beside that I also have a full time worker.


What you get :
1. Alidropship plugin + WOO
2. Social Rabbit Plugin [Lifetime License]
3. WP Rocket
4. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter account
5. Stripe Account Verified! (Dont worry about payment methode anymore)
6. Beautiful domain names.

Price : You BID


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