Flat Rack Vs. Open Top Containers: What to Choose?


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Shippers nowadays have plenty of options in front of them to fulfill their needs. Whether you want to ship small size goods or heavy-duty cargo loads such as machinery and equipment, you have various container options. Flat-rack and open-top containers are among the first choice of shippers for transporting heavy-duty goods. Before you turn to shipping companies in Dubai, you must understand these two for a smooth and convenient transportation process. Let us show you the difference:
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What is Flat-Rack Container?​

A flat-rack container is used for transporting heavy machinery or equipment of unusual size and shape. The most significant benefit of this type of container is you don’t have to worry about the size and shape of your goods while transporting as it can easily fit everything because of no walls and ceilings.

As goes with the name, the container has only a flat rack with no walls and ceiling on top, which makes loading and unloading easier. Most shipping companies in Dubai use flat rack containers for their needs by covering the parts for better protection against dirt and water.

What is Open-top Container?​

An open-top container is used to ship large and heavy loads quickly. As the name suggests, they are open from the top and covered from a tarpaulin sheet, unlike the others. However, these are special containers available only in small numbers worldwide. You need to contact the top shipping companies in Dubai like SLR shipping services to get them at the most reliable prices.

However, you have to pay higher than other containers due to the limited numbers. Compared to the other containers, these have larger space due to the open top. Generally, it is used for transporting goods that need a crane for loading and unloading.

What do you think is the best option for you?​

Both Flat-rack and Open-top containers are used to transport heavy cargo loads in the shipping industry. You need to book the most suitable container for your shipping needs by contacting the best shipping companies in Dubai. SLR Shipping services will handle all your container-related issues and get you the best container at the most reasonable prices. Moreover, you can partner with them for your entire logistics needs to avoid the hassle of transporting goods overseas.


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Such containers can be used for purposes other than their intended use. By the way, I ordered these for building a small frame house, but it is extremely difficult to insulate it. And the wiring has to be insulated. I would choose containers that are flat but have a roof and a good bottom. The main thing is that they should not be sunken or damaged. Flat and open roof can be useful in hangar areas, but I took one for my home. But for transport you need a construction crane or at least https://www.agcranes.com/gantry-cranes-uk/ such models. They seem to be able to withstand such loads and can be used in construction. So it's up to you to decide what and how to use the containers.
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