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I am not surprised you got your account banned, read somewhere that avg. postings are like 1-2 a day. Especially if you do this with a new account this screams bot IMO...

I would take it very easy in the beginning (like 1-2 posts a day max) and slowly work my way up but don't think those posting times in case study can ever look human and no idea how they get away with it o_O, so perhaps the max I would do (like in a few months time) a post every 2 hours and resting for 8 hours (like a human would).

EDIT: I was more thinking of actual posts on your wall and such, this seems to be posting on other fan pages, I guess you could be a bit more aggressive then what I wrote up there but use common sense and work your way up slowly...
Thanks for your experience. The SocialRabbit support manager said that we can post every:30 minutes, randomize posting time:10 minutes.
Anyone try that on Facebook? @Yaros How long have you applied for your stores?