Facebook pixel optimization

Hi Everyone, I need some help. My question (1) is how do I optimize my Facebook pixel effectively? I have been getting sales and do have some data coming through the pixel. I wish to optimize it now.

Question 2 is this, when you select the "conversion event location" in your ad set, which is the best option there? The option that is performing?

Clarity on this will be appreciated!
Have you tried CBO?
Now the next question you may ask is CBO>>

Campaign budget optimization is a technique in which you are going to allow the campaign to set the budget according to best performing Ad sets.

Like we start the normal campaigns of $20 each with Purchase objective. If it gives good signs in terms of sales.

We just make a replica of that to CBO with the same audience of $100 each. This gives sales a bump and again in my screenshots you can clearly see that. Upsell is going to work.

Spend more and do install some after sale Upsell App it will boost your revenue.