Facebook manager account disabled BEFORE I even created any ads...

I dont usually use facebook but I have had my account registered quite a while ago. All has been good.
A few weeks ago, I registered for my manager account and left it without doing anything until today.
And today, I was ready to create my first ad and saw that my account was disabled,
the message say it was because I had not provided my payment (credit card) info...
what the hell??? it is not a fun thing to post your credit card info everywhere....why does facebook have the right to ask for my credit card info when I not yet owed them anything???
so I was able to go and add my credit card to my account hoping that it was just a simple step to get my account reactivated...
guess what? i was able to create my first campaign but immediately facebook told me that my account was flagged because i violated their policies...
how did i do that??? how did i violate their policies without even using their service???

anyone experienced this before? it looks very much like it is something automated
I have submitted tickets and hope to hear from them soon.
please share if you have experienced anything like this with facebook before..
I hope I will get my account back seriously this is ridiculous
So i worked till 1230am last night trying to use my other account to create ads. Strangely i was able to create a few ads but as soon as they were published i received messages saying that my account was blocked because of policy violations blah blah blah...but something that was ridiculous was that they actually accepted my fund transfer of a couple hundred bucks from my bank account....they toke my money and then told me my account is not usable... What???... Of course i submitted appeal again.

The good news is when i woke up this morning, i noticed that facebook had already replied me saying that my account is activated again and that they're sorry for the trouble (kind of nice especially i didnt expect to hear any apology from them) it toke me another 10 min to create my first ever campaign and as i write this message, I've just received an email saying that my second ad has been approved. Ill keep my fingers crossed, hopefully they wont contact me again for more policy violations... I have deleted all the intros and left only the product names in the ads to lower my risks...

This facebook ad thing is really not for those who have cardiac problems of any sort...

Hows google adsense like? Can someone please share?