Facebook "Likes" or Facebook "Conversion"- which strategy for a new store?

Hi, I have a new fan page with less than 10 fans. I am running an ad on Facebook and I chose Conversions as a goal.

I don't have an audience base though, so I wonder if not having too many fans will make the ad useless (people won't have trust).

How do you handle your Facebook ads? What options do you use for getting sales? Do you set up ads in newsfeed, or on the right side? Do you promote the item, or use @kingpin's strategy with sharing non-commercial content to engage visitors and go viral?

thanks in advance.
Hello @mihailena

What i know about Facebook Ads and Facebook Pixel from his certification course is this:
- The pixel works like a learning machine, so is better to use the goal that you are looking for, it doesn't matter if you don't have too many fans.

So if you set up the goal for conversions, let it works in that way, it will try to find audiences for you, so at the beginning you can start broad.

The number of the fans is a common concern, but if the site gives to the customer confidence, they will buy.

I remember that with my first Shopify store, i started to receive orders with zero, nothing, nada fans.