Facebook/Insta ad videos BANNED!


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I came across a very interesting topic online. I'm also sure that many dropshippers are using this service as well. The business model is simple. For a fee, this guy will make video of your product from your website to promote WITHOUT you having to ship the product to him/her. I'm not talking about picture or slideshows video. I'm talking about legit video, like usage of the product. So how this guy does is, he/she looks for similar product video on the internet, then tweak it so that it does not look similar and include our website logo.

My question is, won't the original author of the video found out, report, and have FB and insta ban our account? Is this a risk worth taking? I find that video ads tend to get more impressions, but having to ship my item to the person is time consuming. If some one can do it without having to ship my item, I'm willing to jump to it.