Facebook business errors during upload of feed.

I have noticed that during upload of products to facebook catalog some errors are appearing.
ex: "For items in category Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Underwear & Socks > Bras, a value should be provided for color,google_product_category. "
With the color i think I know whats the problem, in product there isn't any color because probably in alixepress is only one product without color variations.
Same can be with the size if in aliexpress is only one standard size the value is missing in product during upload to google or facebook. in goole you can fix it with applying rules. in facebook the rules are very simple and cant do much with them.
Regarding google product category i have definitely correct category because in google merchant same product is fine. ex:
"Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Pants "
so it might be error with plugin or facebook.
Have to add that with google merchant i had same problem with the google category but after update of plugin was fine.
I think it would great if in next update of plugin was added function to add missing values of attributes as default, let say for size -> 'one size' and for color ->'one color'
or 'multi'.
What kind of values facebook is demanding here?any ideas?
If someone could help me with that i would great-full.
Thank you.
After trying to fix problems with size, color i decided to let it go and wait for update of the both plugins for google and facebook.
As i said it would be nice to see extra function to add or fill missing values to columns which doesn't have variations or any values.
Regarding google product category i have now idea what is going on. What kind of values are needed.
The categories looks fine same like in google merchant it might be error in plugin as in merchant i dont have problems.
I am waiting hopefully for some solutions or updates.
Thank you very much.

Dimitriy Strekalov

Staff member

We highly appreciate you for such personal attitude to our products! The information you provided is really helpful, and we are going to use it in our future updates of the add-on.

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