Facebook Business Currency Import Issue

Hey there

When I am importing my product feed to Facebook catalogs, it is using USD currency for my prices instead of my selected defaults
What this means is that the final pricing on my catalog is converting from USD to my chose currency and each product is higher then it should be

I have changed both database and default currency to my selected currency (AUD) and also I have exported the XML as AUD and my currency selected for the data source is AUD as well

So for example, if I have something priced on the site as AUD10 it will import into the catalog as USD10 and convert and display as AUD15 instead of AUD10

thank you



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You can only change the currency in the code of this plugin, and I think Alidropship team did that for us. You can read more about currencies here: https://help.alidropship.com/en/articles/2240506-currency-settings

I think setting up the "Default Currency" will change the code in FB Business plugin as well. But if it doesn't, I think it's related to "Default Database Currency", but it is stated in the Knowledge Base that you shouldn't change this option. For that, let's hope an Admin will come in and answer your question.