Facebook Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation

As I new started and tried to post ads on facebook but never approved due to "Destination URL Issue" or "Content not allowed" like that. But after 4-5 Re-Submitted the ads suddenly they disabled my Ad Account Id.

My URL is perfectly working so why facebook showing this issue and now the account is disabled so how can I post ads now?
I have attached the screenshot regarding "Destination Issue" which received from Facebook.



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after 4-5 Re-Submitted
If they said it was not allowed, but you totally ignored it and kept re submitting it anyway ... no wonder they disabled your account. WHY did you do that? WHY didn't you try to find out why it was not allowed first? It's just common sense.

My URL is perfectly working
They did not say it was not working, they said there was an issue with it because of the content it led to. Give us the link to the product and we can tell you more.

Shoe, watch, wallet like that
Are they big brand copies? That's a no no.

so how can I post ads now?
Get a new email address and make a new Facebook account. And next time, don't ignore warnings from Facebook.

Actually first I thought it is happening due to images of product then i changed the images and got new notification "regarding destination link" then i deleted the previous ad and again create new one but same reason they gave for link but already receiving orders so how is it possible but after re-submitted they disabled the account.

None of item was copy or high brand even any brand name was not showing in images but don't know why my link was not working as facebook said.
I have paste the same URL link as given below so you can also try to click on link then you will go to our website but facebook not given in details so thatswhy confused totally.

I asked them again and they automatically active my same ads without any editing.

I asked them which content or image are vilote your policy but they simply active my ad and say sorry for inconvenience.
Better is you must talk with Facebook Support in this case. For quite a reasons they too disapprove my Ads again and again but they have a special team that approve these Ads.

I think I have a guide for getting your account back. Just check this if this thing helps. It also has the live support link and the link for putting the Appeal to Facebook for getting account back.
Facebook Ad Account disabled