Experiment: High margin. Selling a dropship item for $100+

Hi awesome people!

Started dropshipping in May 2016, I just launched GetawayGears.com on January 2018. It's my third dropshipping stores that I have.
I build GetawayGears.com to do an experiment to see whether people are willing to spend on high-end ($100+) dropshipping items.
For me, marketing is like fishing. We place a bait and then wait for a fish to take it. Most of the time we get a small fish, and if we're lucky we get a big fish.
So I wonder whether it's possible to only get the big fish?

Based on my experiment with GetawayGears.com, people are willing to spend their money as long as they can find confidence and exclusivity in the brand. Some of the branding work that I did for GetawayGears.com were:

1. Find easy-to-remember and catchy website name that appeals to affluent customers

2. Design logo that shows exclusivity

3. Design product names that engages high-end customers
(Using city names in Finland to make the product sounds edgy and exclusive)

4. Design wordings to show exclusive shop identity
The GetawayGears.com slogan is "From urban jungles to the end of the world, home is where your GetawayGears is"

After I setup automatic social media posting with Social Rabbit, I left the shop as it is for several weeks.
In the end I managed to get 7 sales with total of $655.41 with all of the sales come from Pinterest.

The profit margin is not bad too.
One of the order is $153 for an item that costs $112.5 on AliExpress, that's $40.5 profit per-item.

Other lessons that I gained from this experiment are:

1. Selling to high end customers with higher spending power does not necesarilly means it will take more time or effort. Honestly the difficulty of selling these high-end ($100+) items are almost the same with selling low-end ($1) items

2. It is very important also to strategize your automatic social posts with well-researched hash-tags, because that's the only way the potential customers can find your shop.

That's my experience for one minute, hope to hear your thoughts! :)