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have you figured out how to change currency on geo location?
There's a plugin that allows you to change the CUR variable based on GEO, but Alidropship needs an update before it will work.

Supposedly the update is coming in the next version (presumably this week).


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Fixes and New Niche and Platform

Anyways, my website was broken again because of some plugin (80% of the products lost their featured images, and a good number of products need to be deleted, reimported, and re-edited).

I will be jumping into a new niche, and build a shopify store moving forward.

Any updates to the first store, will be placed here (I will continue to work on it).

No new sales from Facebook Ads.


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Overall Costs Thus Far - Dec 1st 2016 to Jan 19th

My calculations are a bit rough But here is what I have so far since Dec 1st, 2016 to Jan 19th

-241.58 Adwords
-117.02 Facebook
-65 Instagram shoutout
- 9.06 Domain name
- 75.65 Alidropship plugin
- 28 SocialRabbit (2 months)
- 10 Instagress (1 month)
- 35 Server Upgrade
-192.30 other costs + aliexpress
134.44 Revenue (from sales)
About -$630 Total Net Loss

7 Orders in Total
. Conversion rate at about 0.66%

All sales were through adwords, 6/7 orders were in december. 1 tiny sale in January.

The project is under my $1000 spend limit, but nonetheless, it was a good attempt, and some great things learned.
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I see your adwords adverts almost on every page which displsys adwords. It looks fine, i dont know exactly what is the reason of 0 conversions. Im having the same problem withbl my niche and adverts too. Anyway group posting brings great resoults. About 10 orders from groups on FB in two weeks. Try it.
Which kind of groups do you post in?