Exclude Single Product From Auto Update Price

I can not seem to find any info how to exclude a single product from the Auto Update.

IOW... if I have several products that use the custom pricing formula, but I have 1 or 2 products that I don't want to use the formula... how do I set that up?

I did run across this older thread showing this: But.....


...but the current version of alidropship woo does not have this... at least not exactly.

Please let me know.


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For alidswoo you can find this option in "update" tab.

If you just want to exclude auto update price for single product, well I'm looking for the answer for this as well. Changes to combobox'es in mentioned tab didn't last after clicking "update" button, neither "update product" button.

Can anyone explain how these combobox'es works (status, variations, price, stock)?

It looks like a bug.
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