Essential issues and suggestions

Hi there.

1) There's an issue with shipping method filter on the Import Products section of the plugin. For instance, if ePacket shipping method is chosen to sort by, the results still dispaly all the products even if ePacket shipping method is not on the list at all. Proof:

No ePacket.jpg

2) I'd like the filter to allow me to choose several shipping methods at a time and not only one. Why this is essential? Because some products on Ali may not have the ePacket shipping option but may have the Aliexpress Standrad Shipping option. That will allow me not to ditch a cool product just bacause it is not shipped via ePacket.

3) Inconvenience that PISSES ME OFF. Should you refresh the Import Products page of the plugin (sometime you have to do it by multiple reasons) - all the previously made filter settings just reset to default. My suggestion is to make the plugin remember the last filter settings. Will save time and nerves.

4) A MISSING OPTION I'd love to have. When importing product reviews from Ali, I really need to have an additional filter - the shipping method used by buyers who are sharing their buying experience. Why? Because one and the same product could be purchased with many different shipping methods chosen by various buyers. Some buyers choose free but long shipping, some choose paid and fast shipping variants. So when they are posting their reviews upon delivery of their purchase, they are writing about how long they had to wait for their purchase to arrive. Some buyers say they had to wait 2 weeks, some speak about 2 months. But for my shop I want to import only the reviews about 2-weeks' delivery time as I'm choosing fast shipping methods when I import products from AliExpress site. So, I would like to only import the reviews with, say, ePacket and Aliexpress Standard Shipping. I guess it won't be hard for your developers team to implement this feature, since the shipping methods are well displayed by Aliexpress - please see the below screenshot.

Shipping filter.jpg

And again, if, when importing reviews, I could choose more than ONE shipping option at a time for the plugin to import, that would be crazy cool and handy.

5) Another thing to consider is about the autoupdate settings. Currently the setting allow to be updated in the following cases:

When a product disappears or is out of stock
When a variation disappears or is out of stock
When the price changes
When stock changes

I'm thinking about one more case - When a shipping method is changed.

Why? As I've been noticing lately, Aliexpress Standard Shipping tends to replace ePacket. I don't know why, but so many products presently don't have the ePacket shipping option but have the Aliexpress Standard Shipping option. If so, I'd like to know about any changes in case 1) such replacement happened for some of the products that I added to my store, or 2) the shipping method that I chose for the imported product is no longer available.
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