ePacket Shipping Rates with WooComm


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I'm just wondering how does this work?

Let say I offer free shipping to products that do not have ePacket... it's a no brainer to have that listed as free shipping...


What about the ones with an ePacket offer for $1.00 to ship in less than 20 days... How do I go about in implementing this in WooComm? I read a numerous threads that it's really set to be flat rate, so if the ePacket is priced at $1.00, you can set the flat rate to $5.00 (for the customer to see) because you don't want to be asking for more money to cover the cost if there are other ePackets priced well over $5.00. Basically balances things out in the long-term in overall profit/expense in regards to shipping.

Anyone experience this when setting up the shipping rates?


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I think a lot of users get to caught up in the whole shipping cost especially when dropshipping from Aliexpress. Even if the ePacket cost is $3-5, why not just wrap that up in your markup and offer free shipping.


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That's a good point.

Lets say the US
ePacket: 12 - 20 days = $1.00
Free Shipping: 19 - 39 days

Mark up the product to cover the cost of ePacket shipping.


Decide on what your shipping policy is. If it is free shipping across the board, then only select products or sellers where they offer free shipping, or you feel the markup can cover the shipping cost. The AliDropship Chrome plugin marks the costs for when browsing to make it easier. A tip, don't select the USA as your shipping country when browsing, choose something like Australia or South Africa (I think @Yaros prefers SA), that way if they say they ship for free there, you can be assured they will ship free to the USA, the UK etc. as well.

To be honest, I haven't had any issues with delivery times between ePacket and Standard Shipping, and if you are smart with your customer communication during the order/shipping/confirmation process, you don't have to get too caught up on the ePacket thing.

Personally, I factor in a $5 shipping cost into all my prices even though the majority are free, that way I have the flexibility to ship differently on a case by case basis, whether that is to please an angry customer or reward a loyal one.


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How can we select the epacket option with the Woocommerce plugin. I want to have free shipping but be able to select epackets when available

thanks for any help


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How can we select the epacket option with the Woocommerce plugin. I want to have free shipping but be able to select epackets when available

thanks for any help
did you get any answer for this? I am also looking to have products automatically update price by adding the epacket shipping cost directly to it


Its really simple though it won't be automated. First you need to set up shipping classes in woocommerce (woo settings > shipping ). Then I would set classes like the following...
  • Free Shipping
  • Flat Rate $1.00
  • Flat Rate $3.00
  • Flat Rate $5.00
  • An so on
Then when you import the product that has a shipping cost, scroll down to the shipping section of woocommerce on the product page of what you just imported and assign it the correct shipping class. Now, like I said this is not an automated process, but you can set different shipping prices very easily by setting up your woo shipping classes then assigning them to what product you need. I would keep 'Free Shipping' your first class that way its the one that's automatically assigned when importing (assuming most products will provide free shipping).