El Greco Woo Theme Compatibility

Ram Alsaifi

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Hi Alidropship community,

I have recently purchased the El Greco Woo theme. For some reason after activating the theme, the public and admin site became inaccessible (500 HTTP status). I deactivated all plugins manually to check it is not a plugin that is causing the problem, and the site did not work. The site worked after deactivating the El Greco Woo theme.

I am using PHP 8.1 and WordPress 6.1.1
El Greco Woo theme for PHP +7.2

I have recently switched to PHP 8.1 so some PHP extensions are disabled by default.

What is the theme PHP compatibility and does it require specific PHP extensions to run?

Can someone please help me in troubleshooting this problem?

Note: I have tried the El Greco theme for the original Alidropship plugin and it worked fine using the same PHP version. Just the El Greco Woo theme that is breaking.

Update: After a little investigation, I can see that the issue has to do with the ionCube loader. The theme does not work with ionCube loader v12.0.2 which comes with PHP 8.1. The theme does however work with the ionCube loader of PHP 7.2 but I need PHP 8.1 on my server. Any professional opinion or update on whether this can be fixed?

Update on fixing the problem
For people who are having the same issue. After contacting Alidropship support, it looked like Alidropship has another version of the theme for PHP +8.1 but they have/did not publish it. The only options at the time I purchased the theme (19-01-2023) were for PHP 7.1 and PHP +7.2.

If you have PHP +8.1 and you do not see the option to download the theme for +8.1, I advise you to contact Alidropship support.
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