El Greco - Best Deals and Trending Now question


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I have AliDropship plugin and using it with El Greco theme. I noticed that, whatever I do, the products on the homepage, under "Best Deals" and "Trending Now" are always the same four products. Is there a way to change this, to have other products shown as well?
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When I had this problem, I created 4 different products with 4 different names. Then I changed their URLs. Maybe it wasn't the easiest solution, but I couldn't think of any other.
But unfortunately, I got tired of working with my online store and closed it. I'm working in another area now where I'm much more interested. It's difficult for a small online store to develop into a big business, and remaining a part-time job doesn't bring much income. It's unlikely that my store would become as cool as the widely known ones, where people stop waiting for payday and buy many goods at bargain prices.
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