Duplicate content impact on SEO - Question

I want to add around 100 underwear in my selection. Now I am wondering how will duplicate titles and description impact the SEO overall?
I think there is no point adding different titles to every underwear as people don't read them anyway and it takes a lot of time making new titles all the time. I understand that Google does not like duplicate content and therefore will not link either of 100 underwear.

I am not worried about that, but I am worried how would that impact the website SEO overall?
Probably noindex for single products is the best way to go and only index a few very popular products that have 300-500word descriptions.

If anybody has another point of view please let us know here.
Im not sure if nonindex is the way to go. I have a few pages i told google not to index and google through webmaster tool tell me that they have found errors pointing to those pages so i guess google doesnt like that.
I forgot but now i rememeber i do have a store selling some undergarments too and i was facing similar problem. What i did was to give them different names even tho they probably dont mean much, like "100% cotton (brand name) underwear for men", "Black and white striped male underwear", "2019 new fashion quick dry underwear for guys" etc, perhaps you can add some extra info to your product names just to make them identical to google bot?
Right, noindex and a linking will give out wrong signals to google.
I will then make unique titles, but the description is still the same (just a size chart)
I thought i said it here but apparently i didn't. Google just sent me message telling me that they don't like repeated meta descriptions either so im going to remove my default description that automatically goes to all pages on my site.
Apparently leaving it blank is better than using repeated meta descriptions. Of course it is best if we can write unique ones for each page. I have seen web stores that have over 10000 daily visitors with no meta descriptions for majority if not all of their pages.
The reality is that google expects some amount of duplicate content in ecommerce stores.. Remember, duplicate content internally is VERY different than content which matches content externally. Try and add some variation to each one, but i would focus more on link building than sweat the small stuff.
The long term impact is that your site will drop in rankings as the search engines won't know which one of the duplicate content is the original one.
To overcome this you can use the “rel=canonical” tag to nominate one of the duplicates as the original and the rest are copies of the content.