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I am new in drop shipping. I just started my site but I haven’t promoted yet.
I would like to receive suggestions on how to start my marketing strategy which could be effective and not so high budget since I am starting. I know about social media (Fb, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads) but among all this huge amount of information I am messed up and I really don’t know how to start.
All dropshippers in this forum started like me. Is there anyone that could give me a hand to start promoting my site. I sell different products, not just one niche. So, how can I do it?
I will highly appreciate the help of you dropshippers that already have experience and success.
Thank you so much!


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I am actually currently stuck with pixel caffeine. Im at the very beginning to choose my ad acct and pixel.

I cannot see any pixel available under the ad account.

I don't know whom I can ask. I've searched but no solution.


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But I can't seem to connect both together.
You cannot have 2 pixels on 1 website (or so I thought). The easiest option is to buy Facebook Business Add-on, and put your pixel code there, all the codes were added inside the Add-on already so you don't need to do anything
First of all, allow me to congratulate you on starting your website! Don't worry that you haven't promoted it yet! I'm here to help! I would highly recommend getting in touch with a company that offers social media marketing services. Remember that only social media marketing services will help you build your audience online. Make sure you find an expert who tailors a personalized approach for your website. Also, make sure they have a deep understanding of user patterns, behavior, and trends within the social networks. I hope you'll find this helpful!
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One way is CPA marketing. Go and find intermediary platform, deal with the platform like put your official site link on their Home page, discuss with the action for commission, for example browsing your article, subscribe you, click the link and so on. CPA also called cost per action, it's a kind of affiliate marketing, and adspower might be something useful for your career.


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This answer may come a bit late but my suggestion would be to use the Facebook marketplace to promote your products and when you get an inquiry, you can - not only answer - but send them to your website, so they can see related products and even purchase. I use to use even a free website to get my products uploaded and following this I get sales from the website every so often. Not many, but people find me either on Facebook or doing searches.

With the money you make, then you could look at other paid methods to increase your revenue on your own website. Win "0" money, this is what I'd do. Just be prepared for A LOT of time wasters on Facebook... lol

Hope that helps :)