Dropshipping Promotion in Social Media

I am new in drop shipping. I just started my site but I haven’t promoted yet.
I would like to receive suggestions on how to start my marketing strategy which could be effective and not so high budget since I am starting. I know about social media (Fb, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads) but among all this huge amount of information I am messed up and I really don’t know how to start.
All dropshippers in this forum started like me. Is there anyone that could give me a hand to start promoting my site. I sell different products, not just one niche. So, how can I do it?
I will highly appreciate the help of you dropshippers that already have experience and success.
Thank you so much!
I am actually currently stuck with pixel caffeine. Im at the very beginning to choose my ad acct and pixel.

I cannot see any pixel available under the ad account.

I don't know whom I can ask. I've searched but no solution.


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But I can't seem to connect both together.
You cannot have 2 pixels on 1 website (or so I thought). The easiest option is to buy Facebook Business Add-on, and put your pixel code there, all the codes were added inside the Add-on already so you don't need to do anything