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Hello to all,

I would like to try dropshipping.
I've watched a lot of videos on the subject and it's an easy business model to test with little expense at first.

One question comes to my mind though: How do you analyze the opportunities, advantages and weaknesses?
The idea would be to test for a month and if it takes, then I create the structure.



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How do you analyze the opportunities, advantages and weaknesses?
Is deprnting the niche you want to try ..

The best solution is you build a website a try it out yourself , or you buy a premium store and the marketing package from alidropship as they have make the test for your and you just follow that

Thierry Dubois

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Dropshipping is a tripartite system2 where the customer (the consumer) places an order on the distributor's website, which transmits it to the supplier so that the latter can ensure delivery and manage the stocks3.

There are two forms of drop shipping:

System (a): the distributor receives the orders and will then set the quantity to be produced by the supplier, it is the distributor who bears the costs of overstocking (pull system or just-in-time).

System (b): the supplier receives the orders placed by the Internet users of a commercial website and decides himself the quantities to be manufactured. Contrary to the situation of the first system, it is the supplier who undergoes the costs related to a surplus of stocks (system of pushed flows).
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