Dog Themed(Pet) Store For Sale Built On Alidropship (Free Hosting+Domain+AlidropShip Licence)


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What is included in the sale?

1) Alidropship License
2) Hosting Till 15 December 2018 + Domain (GoDaddy)
3) Instagram+FB+Pinterest+G+ Account
4) 110 Products Listed With Good Description & Images Are Edited Well

Website is a niche store, but don't worry about copyright violation. We never got such kind of problem related to copyright

Traffic source as following
1. Instagram
2. Facebook Ads
3. Other social media channel

Why selling ?
Developing new business here at our local location for wholesale trading
Store is live from 25/12/2017 and generated $1800+ Revenue From 2 Products (Profit=$1100+)

Price is 800$ .

Please PM if interested .


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Is this still available ? If yes can you send me more info about what work you have put into the store and what investments you have made in terms of marketing and add-ons ?

How can you justify the asking price of 800 ?


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It's tick season and it makes me worry about my dog that we usually walk in the woods near the house. Do natural remedies help you?
You are funny.. is not a dog forum !!
But I know a good website which selling very good dog products.... sent me private message for i sent you the link ;)


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I'm sure the online store has already been sold, but I have questions about the business. I want to know, first of all, from the person who bought this site. How well have your expectations been met? Is a completed site really better than a new one? It just seems to me that if the former owners didn't take decent care of attracting traffic, then "resurrecting" this site will already be more expensive than developing a new one. And another question. Is it worth it to sell as a product in the pet store CBD? I've read that it's a perfect remedy for anxious dogs
Well, that isn't good for you! I'm not saying it's something magical that's good for anything! However, it's a very beneficial product for us and our pets. By the way, how much did you get for the store? I'm interested in buying a similar store, and I want to know the prices for this sort of store. I'm pretty addicted to dogs, and I even wish to have a business related to my puppy. Since I got Benny, I have been reading a lot of stuff about dogs. One of the helpful things that I read has to be My dog used to bark a lot, but things have changed after using the tricks from that article.
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I bought a product like this some years ago, and it was much cheaper than now. Maybe this is the price these years, but now I wouldn't pay so much. I would like to buy for my puppy some toys from here But more than that, no, because I know that dogs don't want fancy things, they even don't understand the meaning of all this stuff, they just want to play with their owner. I learned all these things after years of having puppies around me. That's the way I advise you not to complicate yourself.