DISCOVER: The 7 Lessons I Learned From Spending $100K+ In Facebook Ads Over The Last Year

Lesson 1 - Facebook still converts, duh right?
There’s a lot of talk about how “Facebook is DEAD” or how It doesn’t convert anymore - or how the prices have become sky high and are killing advertisers.
The prices have gone up lately - yes.
But….that doesn’t mean it’s dead.
You just need to improve your business model to profit from Facebook now - can’t continue running ads with super low margins, etc.
Lesson 2 - E-mail Marketing is still the Undisputed King of Sales.
Building an E-mail and Phone Number list is key to making big money.
If you’re looking to make a lot of money just by selling T-shirts on the Front end and nothing on the back - expect to be bankrupt soon.
Lesson 3 - Upselling is THE KEY to make real money.
Your Front End products are supposed to do 1 thing - Break even and MAYBE make a few dollars in profit.
If you’re selling T-shirts and other products and want to make most of your money just on the front end - Keep dreaming.
Upselling is King and it always will be!
How much does it cost in ads to sell the same customer on another product? $0.
And that’s exactly why it’s powerful! Read my “Upselling Formula” post in this group if you want to learn an advanced formula.
Lesson 4 - ONLY Use Carousel Ads To Gain Feedback on Your Products Or to Heat Up Your Pixel!
Don’t use it to sell products - it just confuses your audience and convinces them to make the one mistake you don’t want them to make which is think to themselves “I’ll see which one I want to buy later” and scroll past your ad.
Lesson 5 - Niche Stores are MUCH MUCH MORE Profitable than Generic Stores.
I did a whole post on this yesterday, be sure to read it.
Lesson 6 - DO NOT Run Ads That Have a Lower Relevance Score than 5.
The ads that have a low relevance will take longer for FB to optimise and present to the right audience.
The ad costs are going to be high and you’ll burn money quicker and not generate sales.
Lesson 7 - Auto-Bidding is for Beginners, Manual Bidding is for Pro’s.
If you want to large scale your business and campaigns - Manual Bidding is the way to go.
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Lesson 3 - Upselling is THE KEY to make real money.
Trivia of the Day: McDonalds actually pioneered the large scale use of upselling years ago with it's famous "Do you want fries with that?" question and profits skyrocketed. They then applied it to drinks and deserts. In the beginning people were just buying a burger and walking out.

Next many businesses followed suit and the rest is history.

Of course this has existed in one form or another for centuries, but McDonalds were the first in modern history to employ it on a larger scale across all their stores.

Lesson 5 - Niche Stores are MUCH MUCH MORE Profitable than Generic Stores.
Right! About 80% of the stores I've seen via links on this forum just don't seem to be able to get that through their heads.

Another few of things that many seem to totally ignore that's available in blogs and videos all over the net ...

1. Don't sell things that are easy to get down the road at local stores. Like kitchenware, boring run of the mill clothing etc. Sell "unique" stuff that you can't get locally. Or stuff with a "theme" e.g "Dragons" Sell dragon rings, dragon pendants, dragon, bracelets, dragon hair clips, dragon t-shirts, dragon ornaments, dragon posters, dragon mugs etc.

2. Build a "brand" for your store. Have a continuity throughout with the same fonts/colours etc. All my stores have a little character (like the one in my avatar on the left ... but all different) in the logo. This little character appears all over the site offering discounts for various things like signing up to the newsletter etc. It helps build the brand of the store and communicates with the customers. Like McDonald's "Ronald McDonald".

3. Selling stuff people don't really need, like watches. With mobile phones, people don't need watches so much these days, I haven't owned one for years, but when they want one, they want a top quality one, not a crap one from China. So don't sell things that people don't really need unless they are of very good quality.

4. Don't sell electronics. You can't compete in price with the big guys and the stuff from China is usually crap .. with some exceptions. (Some of their phones are pretty good).

5. And if I see one more person selling phone covers, I'll shoot them and put them out of their misery.

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