Custom Information Required on AliExpress Checkout


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AliExpress is asking for Customer Passport ID or Turkish ID Number under custom information. The customer is in Turkey. Should I message the customer for his ID Number or how should I do it?


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I try the country and district you have above and is not asking for any ID, Is can be specific extra option for specific products.. just remember for the time you start asking customer to give to you them ID you will start lose them... people learn to don't give personal information anymore !
Ofcource no!
How I say above, something is wrong here for this reason I ask for screenshot for we have a better picture.
Sorry to bring this up, but I think you are right, I already thought I should send it in. A friend of mine got scammed like that and had all his data taken. He was blackmailed for about 2 weeks until we paid a hacker to hack them. Today there is technology to expose scammers very quickly. Just download , and fake people won't be able to fool you. You carefully check the person you trust with your documents, and bingo. Will you be able to find out if the person you are writing to is real?
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This is a trap; I hope you did not give any personal information. I went through a similar situation, and I have already learned my lesson. When it comes to personal information, you better not risk it. Scammers know how to make easy money by fooling us. That's why we need to make sure who we trust, what websites we browse. For example, until I made sure that is a reliable website where you can find discount coupons at your favourite store, I did not buy.