Cost of Goods for Woocommerce


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This is a wonderful idea. As of right now, you need to enter the prices manually, which is a pain in the ass - especially if the item has 10+ variations that constantly change in price.

The option to ONLY update the cost of goods would be the main thing here.

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I'm not surprised the Alidropship team is not bothering with this idea at the moment.

Considering the problems AliWoo + Woocommerce have with over spiking server CPU usage during product updating, adding this extra function to the updating process is a terrible idea ... for now. It would only make things worse.

Maybe after Woocommerce fixes its crappy product table setup. (the root of the problem)
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Yeah, well at least an answer could be given than right?

But it is in my opinion one of the most needed features, keeping track of the price changes manually is extremely time consuming.

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keeping track of the price changes manually is extremely time consuming.
That "Cost of Goods" plugin is designed for people with their own stock and have control of their own products prices. They only have to update prices when they themselves change the prices. Not for dropshippers who have no control over the supplier cost of the products or when they are going to change the prices. So yeah, it would be nice to have that automated ... one of these days. ;)

I don 't even bother keeping track of the exact profit made with each product/sale individually. It's the overall profit/loss I concern myself with month to month.

EDIT: Or if you're talking about keeping track of individual sales via some other means like spreadsheets or whatever ... same same.