Chrome extension no longer working for US shipping addresses

After doing so testing, it looks like the issue with the chrome extension is limited to products that can be shipped to the USA. If I select another country as my shipping destination, I have no issue with the extension importing products to my site. Unfortunately, most of my customers are in the US and I don't want to import a bunch a products that I can't ship to them. Please advise.
As an update for your team... I was able to get everything to work (SO FAR) in the incognito mode of Chrome. I had to authorize the extension in the Chrome extension settings... but it seems to be bypassing whatever issue the aliexpress site is creating.
After being able to transfer 3 products I was shut out again even though I was in incognito mode. AliExpress detected suspicious activity and after I slid the slider over to confirm I was human it redirected me to the .us domain zone again.